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Nestled within the captivating old town of Chania, Al Daliani Minaret Rooms offers a charming and comfortable stay. Surrounded by narrow cobbled streets and historic landmarks, guests can immerse themselves in the rich history and cultural allure of the area. The accommodation features well-appointed rooms with modern amenities, ensuring a delightful experience. With the picturesque Venetian Harbor and sandy beaches within reach, this is the perfect base to explore the enchanting beauty and vibrant atmosphere of Chania’s old town.

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Comfort and Simplicity.

Al Daliani Minaret Rooms offers a diverse and exquisite range of accommodation types, ensuring a delightful stay for every guest. From the cozy and well-appointed Basic Rooms, designed to provide all essential amenities for a comfortable visit, to the luxurious and spacious Superior Rooms with private balconies offering breathtaking city views, there is an option to suit every traveler’s preferences

Attractions and Places to visit. Attractions and Places to visit. Attractions and Places to visit.


Attractions and Places to visit.

The area around Al Daliani Minaret Rooms, nestled within the enchanting old town of Chania, is a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Stepping out of the accommodation, guests are immediately immersed in the charm of narrow cobbled streets, adorned with Venetian and Ottoman architectural gems. The old town’s bustling atmosphere is filled with a myriad of shops, boutiques, art galleries, and traditional tavernas, offering a true taste of Cretan hospitality and cuisine. A short stroll leads visitors to the picturesque Venetian Harbor, where colorful fishing boats and Venetian lighthouse create a postcard-worthy scene.

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